Armed guard school Florida resigns

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FORT LAUDERDALE – The armed guard who was present at the shooting incident at the school in Florida, stood outside the building and remained outside when the shooter Nikolas Cruz massacre of havoc.

The security guard at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland as a result, resigned from the department, sheriff Scott Israel of Broward County, let us know. He the man had previously been suspended, but would not say whether the guard also persecution awaits.

The sheriff said that he is the security guard suspended after seeing video that showed how they had responded to the shooting that seventeen lives. “What I saw was that the agent arrived on the west side of building 12, his position was, but never went in.”

According to sheriff Israel took the massacre that Cruz ravaged six minutes. The guard was at the building arrived ninety seconds after the shooter’s first shots had been fired. Then, he was more than four minutes to stay outside to wait.

“He had to have inside, the shooter must confront and him need to kill,” said the sheriff to the question of what the guard could do.

Also, the sheriff started a study of two agents who in the past have been more frequent, with Cruz and his brother had had. It is being investigated whether they could have done more or should do. Since 2008, the office of the sheriff of the 23 reports received about Cruz or his brother, as was Israel to know.

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