American escapes at the last moment on death penalty

a90a497c1bb3d842f680dfb670a256ec - American escapes at the last moment on death penalty

AUSTIN – An American has, just before his scheduled execution to hear that his life is spared. Texas governor Greg Abbott had less than an hour for the execution to know that the punishment of the 38-year-old Thomas Whitaker is converted. He now gets a lifetime imprisonment.

Kent Whitaker (left) and his son Thomas Whitaker during a visit in prison in Texas.

Whitaker was, according to the American media in the death row because of a plot to his rich parents and brother to kill. He hoped may be the legacy in their hands. An accomplice opened fire on the family members when they came home after a dinner party. Only father Kent Whitaker survived his injuries.

The now 69-year-old man did, however, use its best efforts to the life of his son to save. He called Thomas a modelgevangene and showed the letters of the guards to that assertion to substantiate. Also he declared his son to have forgiven. Governor Abbott kept this in mind when he decided the penalty to convert.

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