Airport Berlin cost $ 770 million more

c8134abb176f8fadfac68d3b88b9f985 - Airport Berlin cost $ 770 million more

BERLIN – The new airport in Berlin is going to be now on nearly 7.3 billion euros in costs. Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER in IATA-abbreviation) is a further $ 770 million more expensive than estimated, and had a spokesman Friday know. The increase was to be expected since the opening, originally expected in 2011, in december two years was postponed to 2020.

There is since 2006 working on the in size third airport of Germany. When the first spade went into the ground, hung to the project a price tag of 2 billion. Improper planning, delay, defects and enhancements removed the account in the course of the years still further. The latest business plan is next Friday to the board of trustees for approval.

Who is the last additional costs go to pay, it is still a point of negotiation. The federal states Berlin and Brandenburg and the German government would like the owners half of that amount need to pay, as a loan or as an additional contribution, that is not clear.

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