28 people away at Red Cross misconduct

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GENEVA – The past few years, when the international Red Cross (ICRC) 28 people have been fired or left because of (the suspicion of) prostitueebezoek. The Red Cross let all employees sign a code of conduct. This is, among others, that paying for sex is prohibited. Even in places where prostitution is legal, because paying for sex is not consistent with the values and mission of the organisation.

Archive photo of the staff of the Red Cross, here on the photo with the French president, Macron.

Since 2015 have 26 employees do not comply with the code held. They have been fired or left during the investigation of their behaviour. Two other employees, the contract is not extended; they were suspected of paying for sex.

“With this behavior is to deny we the people that we just want to help. It goes against the human dignity. We had been more vigilant, should be to prevent this”, says Yves Daccord, director-general of the ICRC in a comment.

The ICRC employs worldwide more than 17,000 employees. The organisation has a clear procedure for abuse reporting. Nevertheless, management is concerned that not all incidents are reported.

Wednesday, it was announced that also on a private Facebook page (ex)-employees abuses have been reported. There are possible cases in between that have not previously been known. “All the allegations to be investigated. And we continue our current processes and systems, constantly evaluating,” says the organization.

The Dutch department of the Red Cross was already known that in the past fifteen years, a total of three reports have been received about “sexual misconduct” by rescuers on a mission.

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