YPG will support Syrian government is not enough

138d5813705c970a60162ffa3996c6b6 - YPG will support Syrian government is not enough

ALEPPO – The Kurdish YPG thinks that the support of the Syrian government against the Turkish army, is sufficient. Reports that a spokesperson of the organization. Damascus sent Tuesday, militias affiliated to the free Syrian army.

YPG says that hundreds of fighters Thursday to the front have gone to join the fighting. “Groups affiliated to the Syrian army came, but not with enough manpower to do something to the Turkish occupation and the borders to protect,” said the spokesman.

A witness reported Thursday that Syrian government forces also Aleppo have entered. The YPG denies that there is regeringssoldaten or other officials in that city have arrived. Aleppo since december of 2016 under the control of YPG.

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