Win a cookbook of ‘Healthy Desire’ of Steffi Vertriest and njam!

eae66620754bb3c92620ba3607fc6bbf - Win a cookbook of ‘Healthy Desire’ of Steffi Vertriest and njam!

Njam! is now also in the basic offer of Proximus TV, and to celebrate, we organize a couple of fun competitions. This week, we may surprise someone with a cookbook of ‘Healthy Desire’ of Steffi Vertriest and njam!

For njam!-chef Steffi Vertriest , it all started when she bye bye said the cheeseburger and decided to live a healthier life. She adapted her lifestyle thoroughly: sports, relaxing and above all healthy cooking. She shares her recipes on her blog and presents on njam! the program ‘Healthy Desire’. Bacon to the mouth of healthy foodies.

Do you want to at home to get started too? Join our competition for the chance to win a tasty & healthy cookbook of ‘Healthy Desire’.


The Healthy Desire

In the cosy njam!-restaurant ‘Healthy Desire’ stirring healthy foodie Steffi in the pots. She cooks for all those who descent wants to do with his addiction to sugar, more fruit and vegetables to eat and looking for healthy alternatives to cheeseburgers and the like.

Steffi serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all sorts of snacks and will answer all questions about the healthy cuisine and its ingredients. So you get in addition to kookadvies also quite a lot of tips & tricks.

The Healthy Desire, every Tuesday at 17 hrs, 21.15 hrs or 23.30 hrs on njam! This transmitter is part of the basic services of Proximus TV and is there to watch on channel 190.

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Good luck with the contest!!!

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