Will and Jaden Smith to launch sustainable spring water with a taste

The duo has been around since 2015 is busy with their in carton bottled bronwaterlijn.

Will Smith and his son Jaden are expanding their eco-friendly line of water with a new drink. In 2015, the two JUST-bronwaterbedrijf. They are bottling mineral water in cardboard packaging, to the amount of plastic waste worldwide, and reduce.

Now be prepared to JUST Infused to add to the offer. It comes to three organic, unsweetened watersmaken. Customers will soon be able to choose from apple/cinnamon, lemon and manderijn.

Musician and actor Jaden Smith says that the new drinks are just the beginning for the company, which he founded after he had noted how dirty the Pacific with plastic waste.

Jaden hopes to soon furniture on the market that are made of durable material that he used for JUST products, and he used his businessidee to other young people to encourage a more environmentally friendly lifestyle to live.

“I go to schools and show them what I do. That they must be inspired to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, to deepen it,” he said recently. “I like to go to schools, talk with children about creativity, fashion and sustainability.”

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