Veerle Eyckermans eye-to-eye with Renaud Hardy

16f1e075ec84a3478255e0dabf257a60 - Veerle Eyckermans eye-to-eye with Renaud Hardy

The process of Malinois Renaud Hardy, who is suspected of a few murders and the attack on actress Veerle Eyckermans, is currently ongoing. Thursday is on the assissenproces actress Veerle Eyckermans come testify. The 55-year-old actress was on February 14, 2015 the victim of an assassination attempt. The actress, well known from other Mailbox X, Kulderzipken, Sara and Albert II, came Thursday itself testify to the court about what Renaud Hardy has done with Valentine’s day 2015. Three years ago tried to help a man through her garden, the house to invade. The burglar went in to see her on the body with a stick, and the actress had a few blows to cash. Since then, they no longer feel free in her own home. Eyckermans had Thursday afternoon to testify, and did everything to the camera to avoid. During her testimony does Veerle Eyckermans her story. The actress came that evening, around 22 hours at home. If they are using the driveway to her home get, she sees a dark figure appear. The actress gets a few smacks on the head. “That first stroke felt hard and icy cold. He is continue to save and went but by and by. I’m under the trees crept. Meanwhile, mr. Hardy, my ankles while he continued to save,” says Eyckermans in the courtroom. The actress managed so hard to scream that the neighbor her came search. Meanwhile chose Hardy the peloton. Eyckerman the man had not recognized, but thanks to DNA research was the link with Hardy to be laid. The man lived at the time, in fact in the same street as Eyckermans. “He wanted to kill me. That you know just certain. That passion, that strength, that succeed. That feel after one second.”

Veerle Eyckermans was that night brought to the hospital and was there for two days. The whole event had a great impact on her life, both professional and private. The actress dared for two years not at home in her own sleep, and every krakje in the house did her startling. “My home was my sanctuary, my safe haven. And that was the one moment to the other way. I am afraid of any kraakje, each sound”, went Eyckermans further. The actress is still under the impression of what was happened. For a long time she wanted to, according to her lawyer Jef Vermassen no role to accept because they do not even wish that he her from the tv would be able to see. Eyckermans looked huge against the confrontation with Hardy and is happy that they are redeemed. The actress hopes that Hardy such a strict punishment that he will never be released.

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