Trump supports minimum age for weapons

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WASHINGTON – Donald Trump, on Twitter, called for a minimum age of 21 years for the purchase of weapons. Trump seems to be more active to wish to produce in controlling the possession of firearms in the country.

Donald Trump

He had with relatives and acquaintances spoke of the victims of the massacre last week at a high school in Florida. There shot a confused young ex-student of seventeen people dead.

Powerful lobby the NRA

Earlier talked Trump out against ’bumpstocks’, a device that is of certain guns automatic rifles . Trump is also for the arming of teachers in schools. He praised also the National Rifle Association as a group of “great people and great American patriots of the country and keep the good.” The NRA is a powerful lobby that is correct, opponents of limitations on gun control. According to this lobby, guarantees the constitution, citizens ‘ possession of weapons.

The boss of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, last Thursday, argued that the anti-gun lobby the shooting in Florida is latched to the private agenda to promote. That lobby hates according to LaPierre and individual freedom. That schools are the targets of deranged gunmen, according to him, since in school never weapons.

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