Trump suggests plan for arming teachers

5509ccd6c826938aa2726d7f978dffb7 - Trump suggests plan for arming teachers

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump has said Wednesday that he thinks the arming of teachers and can contribute to netherlands, such as at a school in Florida last week can be prevented. There shot a former student last week seventeen people dead.

Donald Trump

“If you are a teacher, who is familiar with weapons, that would be an attack very quickly, can end,” said Trump during an interview in the White House with students, teachers, and parents, among whom representatives of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

“We are going to look very good at looking”

The president also gave straight away that the plan is controversial. “We are going to look very good to look at. Many people will be against it, and I think also a lot of people it’s a good idea will be to find.”

Trump also listened to pupils that begged for a change of the arms legislation. He had to know to be prepared to the gun violence in American schools to address.

’Betting heavily on investigating backgrounds’

To curb, he promised that his government emphasis is put on control of a person’s past and mental health. “We’re going to heavily bet on the retracing of backgrounds, we do that in a very subtle and we are going to strictly monitor state of mind.”

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