Trump meets with survivors of shooting rampage: “We are going to something about this terrible situation’

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President Donald Trump promised Wednesday to quickly take measures to shootings in schools to avoid. In the White House, he received the survivors and parents of victims of the deadly shooting at the high school in Parkland, in the U.s. state of Florida. It fell last week, 17 dead.

“I have my best friend lost. He was like a brother to me. I am here to make my voice heard, because he can’t take it anymore, ” said Samuel Itself Wednesday afternoon during the meeting with Trump. Since then, ‘are my friends and I scared each time a car passes’, it told Itself. “I don’t understand why I still have a weapon you can buy in a store.’

In an emotional meeting, shared the students that friends are lost, and parents who have children lost their painful, personal stories with the American president. Trump listened to the speakers without them interrupting. He kept his hands pressed together and nodded occasionally understanding.

‘Anyone have an idea how we stop this?’

“We are going to something about this terrible situation,” said Trump, without any concrete promises to do. “It will not be with words, as in the past”, assured the president. “Has anyone a idea how we can stop?’, early Trump after all the speakers thank you.

“We had this all settled after the first school shooting. I am furious! I will not give my child reunion”, said Andrew Pollack, his daughter lost. “I plead to change. We have an urgent need for change’, performed by Melissa Blank, the mother of another victim,.

Fred Abbot, whose son, on 14 February was shot dead in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, suggested to the staff of the school voluntarily arm and an additional arm. Trump nodded in agreement and let know not to be won for-weapon-free zones in schools.

No-weapon-free zones

‘In a weapon-free zone thinking shooters “let’s go inside and attack, the bullets come back”,’ said the president. ‘Of course this would only apply to the teachers with a weapon can deal. We will in detail. Many people will be against it, but I think a lot of people it was a good idea.”

All Over the country have Wednesday school students argued for a stricter weapons law in the United States.

The meeting in the White House came a day after Donald Trump, the ministry of Justice commissioned the so-called ‘bump stock’ to prohibit. That attachments for a semi-automatic rifle fully automatic to fire. Offender Nikolas Cruz opened in Parkland fire with a semi-automatic weapon without a bump stock.

Trump had during his election campaign the support of the National Rifle Association and was then against any restriction of gun ownership.

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