Trump has a cheat sheet is necessary for students to comfort

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Washington – Us president Donald Trump once again for angry comments on social media taken care of. This time it is a cheat sheet that The Donald used the occasion for the mirth and mayhem.

The president had yesterday a meeting in the White House with students, teachers, and parents, among whom representatives of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. There shot a former student last week seventeen people dead.

’I hear you’

For the emotional meeting he had apparently a cheat sheet up, with a number of points which he had to pay attention to. According to American media was the note written in a handwriting that does not Trump himself. On the memo are phrases like: ’I hear you (I understand you, red, ” What do you think I really need to know about what you experienced?’ and: ’What can we do to make you as safe as possible, to feel?’.

Trump is, by many people of the accused that he has compassion with the relatives of the victims of shootings in schools has being feigned. Many twittergebruikers are furious. “Who has notes necessary for empathy to children who are under intense gunfire layers of a maniac?”, does anyone wonder.

Arming teachers

Trump said Wednesday that he thinks the arming of teachers and can contribute to netherlands in schools can be prevented. “If you are a teacher, who is familiar with weapons, that would be an attack very quickly, can end,” said Trump. “We are going to look very good to watch’. The president also gave straight away that the plan is controversial. “We are going to look very good to look at. Many people will be against it, and I think also a lot of people it’s a good idea will be to find.”

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