Tommie Christiaan speaks the voice of Peter Rabbit in

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In the Dutch version of the cinema of Peter Rabbit lends Tommie Christiaan his voice to the main character. Also Do, OG3NE, Jan Versteegh and Roué Verveer take votes on their behalf.

Tommie Christiaan creeps into the skin of Peter Rabbit

Universal Pictures made Thursday, the Dutch voice cast of the live-action animated film known. This is an adaptation of the Beatrix Potter story the naughty rabbit. In the original version, the voices recorded by, among others, Domhnall Gleeson, Rose Byrne, James Corden and Margot Robbie.

In the movie fight Peter Rabbit and farm-owner Verhoef to the vegetable garden and try them both in the taste of fall with their next-door neighbor, Bea. Peter Rabbit goes to 23 march in a sneak preview. Almost a week later, Tommie Christiaan live on tv in the role of Jesus in the easter story The Passion.

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