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Tom Boonen is a shareholder and adviser of his largest opponents of yesteryear

d6718544f7b72564418c0b7f11a82fb7 - Tom Boonen is a shareholder and adviser of his largest opponents of yesteryear

Lotto-Soudal has a new ‘Captain of Cycling’ now. No one less than Tom Boonen is a shareholder and advisor of the Belgian WorldTour team. The counsel will focus mainly on the technological level.

The ‘Captains of Cycling’ is an initiative of Lotto-Soudal. By means of a cooperative – the ‘Captains of Cycling’ – hopes the Belgian cycling team additional funds to tap the budget of the Belgian cycling team to raise.

The project was in september 2016, and above the font is kept. A year and a half later, the promoters were satisfied with the results. Both small investors – at least 50 euro as a major(re) interested parties found their way to the team. But it can always be better. And so was Tom Boonen who was willing to as a ‘captain of industry’, on the cart to jump.

The Kempenaar is a shareholder and ‘technology advisor’ of his greatest adversary of yesteryear? A surprise? Surely not! Boonen flirted in the twilight of his career with Lotto-Soudal. There were discussions and plans but until a concrete implementation is never completed. Still, the flirtation between the two parties never stopped, certainly not after Paul De Geyter the helm at Lotto-Soudal partly in hands took. De Geyter promoted as a manager for many years, the affairs of cyclist Tom Boonen and defends is still the business of racepiloot Tom Boonen.

The work of Boonen will thus be mainly on the ‘fietstechnologisch’ level. And that was a little obvious. Lotto-Soudal cycling for years with bikes from the Belgian brand Ridley. Let that happen to the employer of André Boonen, father of, and also the bike on which the then young Tom Boonen, his first successes achieved. Ridley is also a brainchild of the family Kumpen. Anthony Kumpen was second racepiloot with whom Boonen will several times in the car will creep. At Ridley, they never have under chairs or sofas stung that she Boonen junior happy on their bikes wanted to link to.

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