Thursday is still ruling in summary proceedings Roda JC at KNVB

c8d8ba0ed0d4152fe6fcb126a29753dd - Thursday is still ruling in summary proceedings Roda JC at KNVB

The court in Utrecht to do Thursday afternoon at 16.00 hours ruling in the interlocutory proceeding that Roda JC has filed against football federation KNVB. The Limburg club is contesting the outcome of the match in the quarter-finals of the KNVB cup against Willem II.

The people of tilburg won that duel after penalty, after the referee in regular time on the advice of the videoscheidsrechter a goal of Roda JC had rejected.

According to the Kerkradenaren had no opinion of the videoscheidsrechter may be asked. They want that with a stand of 3-2 to Roda JC in the last eight minutes of the match be re-played.

The interests for Roda JC are large, claimed the lawyer of the club Thursday. It’s going to be a place in the semi-final and to an estimated half a million euro in revenue.

The KNVB states that the images anyway to be back as a goal. According to the bond, there was a handsbal of Roda JC player Mikhail Rosheuvel. Roda JC find that Willem II, then to two times in possession of the ball.

According to the KNVB-lawyer Harro Knijff was “not in control of the ball” by William II and was the violation of Rosheuvel part of a aanvalssituatie. Therefore, it would be the videoscheidsrechter would be allowed to judge.

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