The Spice Girls are back in Against The Stars On

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The Spice Girls are back with a vengeance and go on tour! First stop? Belgium, of course. On Thursday, February 22, crawl all five Against the Stars On actresses in the skin of one of the female singers and it is remarkable how well they match with their alter ego. Nathalie, never on her mouth cases, lives out as the arrogant Posh Spice, Victoria. Ella and her legs put a sensual Ginger Spice Geri down. Clara is adorable as Baby Spice Emma and Tine is the extravagant, Scary Spice, Mel B. Ilse finally, plays Sporty Spice Mel C. The nineties back on the stage, in the fourth episode of Against the Stars!

Karen Damen (Nathalie Meskens) makes a plate, and that Flanders will have known. She not only keeps a lanceringsconcert in the Lotto Arena, but also get a documentary series in the run up to the gig. For Against the Stars On so the perfect reason for the album to rise to an iconic instance. Friends and muziekexperten Gert Verhulst (Guga Baúl) and Jean Blaute (Chris Van Espen) tell why that is so.

What a laugh with a professor and ex-rector of… Guga Baúl, with a rousing imitation. In a tête-à-tête with the real professor of Canon Law Rik Torfs, it is a wonderful taalgevecht between the two valves.

Louis Talpe introduces yet another new character created. This time America correspondent Björn Soenens the brunt of it. He takes the viewer to New York and shows how he lives and works. All seems to Greet De Keyser (Walter Baele) on a little more resources than Björn.

Also, Ben Weyts, ever a guest at Against the Stars, is a mirror image when Jonas Van Thielen for the first time in his skin crawls. There are, after all, vote on the fines for middenvakrijders to double. But the Flemish minister of Mobility has a much better solution for.

On Temptation Island was Megan (Ilse The Cow) as the first for the axe. After the first campfire, watched her Kevin (Jonas Van Thielen) her naive and stupid called and their tricks on the loose flirted, she took revenge the tempter, Joshua. A preview of the next episode should of course not be missing, and so the viewer can see now already some of the comments in the hut.

Against The Stars On Thursday at 20.35 on VTM.

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