The National singer Matt Berninger is the star of his own tv show

The National singer Matt Berninger is a tv show about themselves. That revealed Berninger himself on the Australian radio station Double J. His brother Tom and his wife, writer Carin Besser, will participate in the show.

The Australian filmmaker Trent O’donnell and his wife are on board of the project met. “We hope to have a comedy,” says Berninger. “It is something we have long sat brooding.”

The singer with the distinctive warm voice added that the show “the same show” will have as ‘Mistaken for Strangers’, the documentary made in 2013 about the American rock band from Ohio, directed by brother Tom Berninger.

The frontman will play themselves, as well as his brother. The other characters are cast. In the show will Berninger musician in a band, composed of some of my artist friends from various bands.

When the show will be wanted Berninger is not lost, “but it won’t be for this year.”

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