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The Guardian praised Belgian fiction: ‘The successor of the Scandinavian drama?’

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The British newspaper The Guardian praised Belgian drama series, such as Tabula Rasa, Professor T, Clan, and 13 offered. “The independence and creative silliness of Belgium makes exciting television.”

“This year will be the Belgian television are ubiquitous in Britain, writes The Guardian. The newspaper asked him with Walter Iuzzolino, an international expert who shall curate for the British tv channel Channel 4. “I am surprised and impressed with what are from Belgium’, said Iuzzolino.

So within a month of the series 13 commandments (in English 13 Commandments) broadcast. The vtm-series with Marie Vinck and Dirk Van Dijck is normally also this year in our country broadcast. It tells the story of a seriedader that uses the Ten Commandments and the society wake up wants to shake. Later in the year to follow, among other Tabula Rasa and New Texas. Previously the One-series Professor T and the VTM-series Clan broadcast.

But why is the Belgian fiction is so popular in Britain? “What I love about the series – and I think that the typical Belgian – is that they dare to play with genre and tone,” says Iuzzolino to The Guardian. “It’s very unpredictable. In Scandinavian, French or Italian series, you know what’s coming. But there is something with the Belgians making a series is never entirely predictable.”

The great advantage is that our definition of a genre is not as strict’. But there is more: ‘The Belgian fiction retains a surreal, strange quality. And I think it is because the Belgians cannot limit themselves to one thing.’ That is, according to Iuzzolino partly explained by the different languages and dialects in the country. ‘Someone who is a hundred metres away lives, can speak a different language.’

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