Terminally ill grandmother gives all her money, appears not to be terminally

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HULL – The British Jackie (62) received in november 2016, to hear that she is a severe form of dementia suffered and would not have long to live. She decided all her savings to spend on holidays and gifts. Now it seems that the doctors have made a mistake.

Archive photo, vacation in Mauritius.

A new study shows that women only suffer from an anxiety disorder. She does not go within 5 to 7 years of death and they also will not fast physically more decrepit, as she was told. A CT scan in the hospital was incorrectly interpreted, even though the neurologist was sure of his case.

Jackie and her husband Robert decided to make the best of their last years together. Robert took early retirement to be with his wife and more than 11,000 euro, which the two of them on their savings account had been issued to an American fridge, a special bathroom, and holidays.


The British woman even took on dramatic farewell to her 12-year-old granddaughter and told the child that she continue to would life, “but as a zombie, like you see in movies.” The woman had been told that they two years after her loved ones would not recognize.

When she was a year after the diagnosis – and a whole lot of purchases further – to the hospital went for control, she got to hear what she had never expected. A new scan revealed that she didn’t suffer from dementia. She appeared to suffer from depression and an anxiety disorder.


The hospital offered the two many times to apologize. A wrong diagnosis, as reported to the doctors. The couple is furious. “We got a death-warrant”, they tell to the Daily Mail. What they need to do now, they don’t know so well. To a lawsuit they do not want to start.

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