Temptation Island: Highlights episode 5

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Temptation Island: Highlights episode 5

It is the day after for Megan and Joshua and everyone knows that. They have, for the first time had sex and we don’t know what this means for the game, and especially not for the relationship of Megan. Does she regret or not? And how will Kevin react? One thing is clear, there is a lot has happened.

Joshua for the first time waking up next to Megan and she seems to regret it. “At that time, it seemed just fine”. Joshua was there for Megan, and if he had not been she had a whole swimming pool full of tears, filled. The images of Kevin have her really hurt. And let us five times that he is cheating on you don’t forget…

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The images of Megan and Joshua at the camp fire are Kevin not in the cold clothes. He has not slept well, and feels lousy, but it can Cherish talk about what happened at the campfire. Kevin realizes now how badly he Megan is missing and it does not dry.

In the ladies, the campfire also had an effect. Deborah as a baby slept through the images of Tim and Vanessa is also still very happy with what she has seen of Jeremy. For both men, the same applies. Tim thinks Deborah is even worse to go missing (how is it possible?) after seeing her tears and hearing her words.

Deborah and Vanessa, and everyone at the resort, at the height of the spontaneous rendez-vous of Megan. In Vanessa’s words: “it went well error”. As long as Joshua not play games with Megan makes Vanessa worry. She has finally the choice is made.

Danielle starts her day with tears. Mezdi is too cozy with Laetitia and Zwanetta and Danielle recognized her Mezdi not on the images. What to her the most pain, is that he was not even a little bit of his best has done. “He came here and went straight.”

Mezdi also has no good night’s sleep behind us. The intimate dance between Danielle and Fabrizio on his retinas, and he is anything but fine. Moreover he is not really pressure to his situation. He just don’t know what Danielle had seen. This will be a tail…

It is time to FBI agent to play, because while the men on groepsdate go, the girls in the rooms of their friends rifling through. The entire resort is for a couple of hours the terrain of the friends. Vanessa immediately see that Jeremy are unopened Durexdoosjes outside. Clearer than this, you can not have it!

By the room of Jeremy to visit get Vanessa the as difficult. Of course she misses him very much, but they do not go on. It’s only been nine days, but the loss continues to cause for tears.

It is the turn of Deborah and Tim’s room, she sees only things where they are emotionally. It all starts at the door with the no girls allowed-sign and if they have a notebook finds which he has written, there is absolutely no holding back. It says that he Zwanetta not really have chosen for the first date, she was simply the next in the row. And you guessed it, this Deborah crying.

Megan and Danielle to support each other because they are both no good news were given at the campfire. Danielle is especially the fear of garments to be found in Mezdi’s room that is not of him, but of one of the ladies. The only thing they find is the camera that heartfelt hug between him and Laetitia has been recorded. All the respect that Was for him is completely gone.

After this secret speursessie is when the leaders become clear that Vanessa and Deborah really not as easy to spawn as they thought. Seducer Andrea quipped: “Temptation scrapped this year”. Megan had nothing but angry feelings when she was with Kevin in the room and Danielle wanted her share findings with Fabrizio.

in the Evening it is again time for a party for the men and ladies got a little looser. For Kevin’s Temptation, in his own words, a bit of a prison camp. The time of reflection has come with Kevin, but that is all hindsight. Megan confesses in the cabin that she is in front of Kevin not regret her action with Joshua. The only thing they regret is that they have so little respect had for herself where the camera was.

Zwanetta and Laetitia are convinced that Mezdi will succumb. Mezdi calls her self a lady with “nice features”. And if Zwanetta the truth is Mezdi with her handtastelijk in places where you don’t just. Jeremy watches the two from a distance and is also risky.

While Mezdi the thread picks up with Zwanetta, Daniëlle with Fabrizio. After some distance, pulling the two back together under the guise of ‘friends’. Let’s see how long that goes well.

After the visit to the mannenresort can Deborah and Vanessa are also some looser drawing. Vanessa sits on the vodka and is a little tipsy and wants to Gino but what like to respond to that. “We’re going to her about the wrote get.” Unfortunately for Gino, she has him already. In the background, and lend an ear is tactics and there is Vanessa is very well aware of.

Cherish sets her sights on Tim. “A man who is busy, is much more exciting for me.” Then Tim, of course, the only one for whom she can go. Deborah and Tim are convinced that they will not cheat. And yet it covers Tim’s microphone when Cherish is absent and he is against Mezdi talk. Where would that say about…?

Will Cherish manage to get Tim to finger her winds? And how goes it with Kevin and Deborah? Check it every Thursday at 20:30 on RTL5, or immediately after the broadcast on the Metro!

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