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Sven Kramer tweet in Korean

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Sven Kramer offers his apologies for throwing the medailletegel in the Holland Heineken House. And he does so in an impressive way: in Korean!

“Hello Korean fans,” writes Kramer in the Korean message. “I apologize on behalf of our team, to the fans that last night at the Holland Heineken House were injured. You came to me and cheered us on. I offer my apologies for the resulting inconvenience and hope for a speedy recovery of those injured.” Also, he promises to do his best to be better next time for the day to come.


The ceremony started not too good for the skater. During his interview ran the irritation high with him because of the noisy audience. “I’m here for you, but I can also go away,” he let the people know. A moment later, Koen Verweij, Jan Blokhuijsen and Patrick Rust there for the handing over of the bronze medailleschaal. The men decided the loeizware thing in the audience to throw instead of handing it over, which two women were injured.

Press statement

The skaters went deep through the fabric for the Koreans. Earlier today, they released a joint press statement to make their excuses to offer. “We have immediately after this incident to get in contact with the two ladies,” they know. Fortunately, this is the circumstances with the two women.

Sven Kramer

Or the Korean message of the sportsman comes from a linguists or Google translate, we do not know, but the translation feature in Twitter allows in each case to see that the excuusbericht many Koreans falls on good soil. “I was very angry, but I apologize read. Everyone can make mistakes, but how you respond is more important,” says one Korean Twitterer. Most Koreans are willing Svens excuses to accept, but keep him to his promise. “Keep always your good side show.”

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