Spencer Pratt frustrated by reject invitation tv show

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Spencer Pratt be an invitation for him and Heidi Montag for a tv project. At the time he thought that too much stress would be. But now he has discovered who is behind the tv show was, he regrets, writes Page Six.

Spencer Pratt was like to be fooled by Sacha Baron Cohen

It was comedian Sacha Baron Cohen who was behind the invitation was. “I am so frustrated that we have not yes have said on the invitation; I am a huge fan of Sacha Baron Cohen,” said Pratt previously to TooFab. “I look forward to the final show, but I hate it that we not by him by the nose.”

The invitation was to read that “the show focuses on the feeling of security that people in the 21st century experience”. “And we have Israeli security experts who would like tips like to give to a couple, in the hope that the audience of their experiences of learning.” The project has found a new film by the hidden camera of Cohen. Pratt had two good reasons to say. He and Heidi had a safety training. And moreover, it was the invitation so last minute and urgent; that stress, we wanted to Heidi and the baby is not delivered. “But now I know he was, I wanted that we at least tried.”

If that is so wise, had been, is the question. Another couple that participated, tells Page Six that, at the moment that the recording location, within a stepped, two Mossadagenten saw a gun on each other rather. “We stepped there of four and a half hours long. They all asked not to do, the weirdest, scariest and funniest things in retrospect, but at that time it was not funny. We thought, literally, that they would kill him.”

According to Page Six go there were rumors that O. J. Simpson is working on the project for twenty thousand dollars, but that is not confirmed.

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