Soldiers rescue schoolgirls after attack Boko Haram

232f27945d0595b281a89907d74787b6 - Soldiers rescue schoolgirls after attack Boko Haram

After an attack by Boko Haram at a school in northeastern Nigeria, soldiers have different schoolgirls from the hands of the islamist terreurbeweging saved.

The schoolgirls were in the village Jilli-Muwarti at the border between the states of Borno and Yobe found, messages in the local media. The precise number of rescued girls and the circumstances under which they were saved, is not known.

After the attack on Monday at the secondary school in the village of Dapchi were about fifty schoolgirls are missing. When it was still unclear whether they fled or been kidnapped. Minister for education, Mohammad Lahin of Yobe said that many teachers and schoolgirls had fled to safety. A few hours before the rescue mission became known, said president Muhammadu Buhari that the police and the army called were ‘to be sure that all of the missing girls are found’.

In 2014 abducted Boko Haram more than two hundred, mostly christian schoolgirls in the village of Chibok. Boko Haram kidnaps girls and women to take them as sex slaves or forced them to marry.

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