Saudi Arabia is pumping millions into the entertainment industry

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Saudi Arabia wants to be in the next ten years 52 billion to invest in the entertainment industry of the kingdom. That money is also the first opera house built. For the strictly islamic country is going to have a cultural change.

That said the head of the General Entertainment Authority, Ahmed al-Khateeb, Thursday. The investments are part of large-scale economic reforms in Saudi Arabia. With ‘Vision 2030’ aims to the ultraconservatieve kingdom become independent of his oil revenues and its economy expand into other industries. Of the entertainment industry expected Riyadh jobs and income, also to tourists and foreign investors.

In 2017 were in the rich, desert country on the Arabian peninsula, more than 2,000 events, said al-Khateeb. These included, among other concerts, a comicbeurs and art exhibitions. That number should be in 2018 to about 5.500 events rise.

Saudi Arabia is by an uncertain economic future, and relatively low oil prices in a period of reforms and a partial opening-up of its society. At the latest the beginning of april after a ban of 35 years, the first cinema in the country with the doors open.

The government had earlier announced that women from June – as the last country in the world – a drive a car. That ban was for decades the symbol of the oppression of the women in the wahabitische kingdom. Music and other forms of entertainment are, according to the in Saudi Arabia followed the strict teachings of Islam is prohibited.

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