Saakasjvili until 2021 are not welcome in Ukraine

c42074e6bf306aae0842a00a6d94b50c - Saakasjvili until 2021 are not welcome in Ukraine

KIEV – The former president Mikhail saakashvili of Georgia in the next few years are not welcome in Ukraine. The grensbewakingsdienst deny him until February 2021, the access to the country, said the party of the politician.

Mikhail Saakasjvili

The Ukrainian authorities were not there before in Saakasjvili to fend off. He broke last year with his supporters by a cordon border guards. The authorities had him earlier, his Ukrainian nationality taken away after a conflict with his former ally: president Petro Porosjenko. It didn Saakasjvili there is not still opposition in the Eastern European country.

The storming of the border, was now the reason for the re-entry ban. Saakasjvili traveled earlier this month to the Netherlands, after he Ukraine was turned off. The politician is married with the Dutch Sandra Roelofs from Zeeland Flanders.

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