Russian opposition leader Navalny arrested

9093d20e8f654edd0852f33d5589636f - Russian opposition leader Navalny arrested

MOSCOW – The Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was on Thursday arrested after a visit to the dentist. That he reports himself on Twitter and Instagram. A half hour earlier, his campaign manager Leonid Volkov already picked up at an airport of Moscow.

“I walked out at the dentist and then I was arrested. I am stuck, and they take me somewhere with you,” said Navalny on Twitter. On Instagram, he put a picture of himself with a number of agents in a van. Why Navalny and Volkov are detained is not yet published.

The arrest comes a few weeks before the Russian elections of 18 march. Navalni was excluded from participation because of a previous conviction. According to Navalni he has that penalty for political reasons.

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