Russell Simmons take a ’spiritual break’

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Russell Simmons stay still in Bali, after several women him of sexual abuse and even rape accused. On the Indonesian island of ’he hopes to become a better human’.

Russell Simmons

Simmons thinks this to be able to achieve by themselves to fully focus on meditating, writing, and yoga. On Instagram shows the cases hiphoplegende know the ’temporarily unreachable due to spiritual maintenance’.

Simmons sought his refuge to the Yoga Barn in Ubud to themselves in coming to terms. He denies all the accusations to his address and says that it is now focusing on the relationship with his daughters. He hopes to create a ’diender of God’ to be, as he writes in the posted photo. “It is time for a new beginning,” said Simmons. The once-celebrated muziekbaas also confirms to be busy with writing. Meanwhile, the New York city police investigation of him.

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