Roda gets a quick answer on bekermoment

5ece0a2121d806fff86b428f9c2dbbdd - Roda gets a quick answer on bekermoment

The court in Utrecht to do Thursday afternoon at 16.00 hours ruling in the interlocutory proceeding that Roda JC has brought against the KNVB.

Roda JC in the game against Willem II.

The Limburg club is contesting the outcome of the match in the quarter finals of the KNVB Cup against Willem II. The people of tilburg won that duel after penalty, after the referee in regular time on the advice of the videoscheidsrechter a goal of Roda JC had rejected.

According to the People had no opinion of the videoscheidsrechter may be asked. The club wants a booth of 3-2 for Everton in the last eight minutes of the match be re-played.

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