Roda-director: ‘Disappointed, this should be better’

9c79e42dff56d586793f6ff9dbbd44ab - Roda-director: 'Disappointed, this should be better'

Roda JC has the short case is lost, and a follow-up in the KNVB cup, so forget it.

Roda-director Wim Collard.

Director Wim Collard will find the ruling unfortunate, but is also real. “I find the ruling disappointing, but keep in mind,” says Collard.

“We have made the point. We find that the videoscheidsrechter should be better regulated. The court ruled that the referee determines he is not at all to our discussion of the videoscheidsrechter arrived at his decision.”

The next match of Roda JC on Sunday, at 14.30 hours, calculated from at Willem II.

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