’Relationship Cheryl and Liam publicity stunt’

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According to insiders, kept Cheryl Tweedy (34) and Liam Payne (24) earlier this week at the Brit Awards, the appearances ceased and their relationship is ’as good as over. The reason why the two together on the red carpet appeared and beaming with each other posed, was because Liam is a new single to promote, and no negative publicity. This is reported in the Daily Mail.

“It was nothing more than a stunt. According to multiple friends of the couple goes for a while not good and they go very soon from each other. Because Liam has something to promote, agreed, Cheryl, agreed to a front to form, and together to the award show. They try to make the best of it, now the first birthday of their son, Bear is coming. But it’s not all plain sailing,” says the insider.

According to the insider spends Cheryl of her time, especially at home with Bear, while the former One Direction singer is often away. “That makes for friction. She has consciously chosen to stay home with her child and no nanny to hire. They will find out not as fun as it used to.” Another source adds: “like many other young couples with a young baby, they struggle to have time for each other to find and create.”

Earlier this week British media stories about an upcoming break. Cheryl said on Tuesday at a meeting of its foundation in Newcastle that there was nothing going on: “It is well with us.”

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