Raketdeel SpaceX mist net, collapses into the sea

bea01f1b588a4e7c6822964a50c87691 - Raketdeel SpaceX mist net, collapses into the sea

SANTA MARIA – a very special rocket launch from SpaceX, the company that recently added a Tesla to the space in your lap, but this time with slightly less success. It was intended that a part of a launched rocket gently back to the earth, to the open sea in the safety net of a vessel to collapse, so that it could be reused. The part was there, however, just next to it and splashed into the water.

Archive photo.

It went to the hood on top of a rocket. That must be the satellites on board to protect against the forces of a launch. Once in the room disappears cover. Then he returns to the earth, hanging on parachutes. Such a cap will cost several millions of dollars. SpaceX wants to they can re-use, to space cheaper and more accessible. SpaceX ceo Elon Musk thinks that capturing him with something larger parachutes.

The safety net hung on four large poles on top of the ship Mr. Steven. That feed on the pacific Ocean. The rocket was launched from the ruimtebasis Vandenberg in California.

The rocket took a Spanish observatiesatelliet and two small satellietjes of SpaceX itself, into orbit around the earth. Musk wants to use such satellites worldwide high-speed internet access offering. According to the initial plans would need more than 4400 small satellietjes in orbit around the earth must be brought.

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