Quincy Jones regrets comments

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Quincy Jones regrets his well-publicized statements that he last month did in interviews with Vulture and GQ. His six daughters had the legendary music producer suggest that his statements were not useful.

In the interviews told Jones that Michael Jackson certain songs would have been stolen, that the Beatles were the worst musicians in the world were, and he claims to know who the real murderer of John F. Kennedy. He was also supposed to ’something’ had with Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Donald Trump, and he told him that Richard Pryor had a sexual relation with Marlon Brando.

In a message on Twitter, writes Jones his daughters to him separate names for a good conversation about a number of stupid things that he, in the interviews had said. “And I’ve learned my lesson,” said the nearly 85-year-old producer. “I am extremely proud of my daughters that they are not afraid to have something to say. I am not a perfect man, and I’m also not afraid to say it.”

Jones says that he has a number of years ago, stopped drinking, and that he is by side effects are not always everything can remember. His stories show so not the whole picture, he noted. “I want to apologize to anyone whom my words offended, and that is especially true for my friends, both those that are still with me as those who are no more.”

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