Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was powder letter sent to

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The British authorities have a powder letter intercepted that was intended for prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle. Research showed that the white powder harmless, but Scotland Yard is looking further and further from where the letter comes from.

The letter was earlier this month at Kensington Palace sent, but reached the set not, reports The Evening Standard. Markle and Harry are aware of the existence of the letter.

In the palace together after the discovery, all the alarm bells off because there was anthrax, but analysis showed that this was not the case.

The police are investigating whether there is a correlation with a different powder letter, that minister Amber Rudd (Domestic Business) was referred to. Also that white powder turned out to be harmless. In that case, is still no one arrested.

Harry (33) and Meghan (36) married in may. Markle is formally not yet a member of the royal family, but is now supposedly already secured 24 hours a day. A special team of the metropolitan police watches over the royal fiancee.

The wedding ceremony would be greatly protected: according to The Evening Standard will be feared for an attack during the wedding in St. George’s Chapel will be held on 19 may.

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