Palestine wants money after ’Dutch’ bite

c3012cb68c4e37154ab16916c63ac55e - Palestine wants money after ’Dutch’ bite

Geffen – A 19-year-old Palestinian stenengooier in Israel by a Netherlands-trained dog is bitten, requires up to 11,000 euros in damages.

Palestine complains Brabant company that police dogs provide to Israel

He sets the Brabant company Four Winds K9 dogs supplies to the camp of Israel liable.

Hamzes Abu Hashem was in 2014 in the West Bank to demonstrate and found the necessary stones to throw at soldiers. Eventually, the dogs were on him released.

An Israeli soldier filmed the action. A politician put the video online later with the text ” The soldiers taught the little terrorist a lesson’.

Psychological help

His Dutch lawyer Liesbeth Zegveld says to AD that Hamzes ten thousand euros for moral damages and one thousand euro for psychiatric care demands.

He also wants the company to become a prohibition to ever have dogs to Israel to deliver. Zegveld: ,,My client has substantial scars that he the rest of his life, will have to bear. In addition, he is heavily traumatized by the attack. He trembles as he dogs hear barking, nervous and afraid to go to bed and sleep walking,’ says the newspaper.

The Palestinian man was given three months in prison for stone-throwing.

Four Winds says that it is not liable for what the Israeli army with their dogs.

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