Oxfam Haiti thrown after orgies

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PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Oxfam has provisionally denied the right to engage in activities in the Caribbean country, after a zipper scandals, about orgies, years of use of prostitutes and sexual abuse of employees, and those in need. Also a delegation of the Dutch branch of Oxfam Novib, was still active on the island.

Archive photo of an encampment of Oxfam.

That decision is Thursday after all the commotion about the allegations of sexual misconduct by employees of the organisation, as has the minister of Planning and External Cooperation Aviol Fleurant published.

Fleurant spoke of “serious shortcomings” at Oxfam in 2010 and 2011. That is still mild expressed: after news of the British The Times revealed that Oxfam internal report seksfeesten – with possible minors – organized in Haiti, with which the victims of the disaster were exploited.

An incident? It seems that chef Roland Van Hauwermeiren for many years have had sex with an underage girl for money. So she could have her baby feed. Van Hauwermeiren promised her golden mountains, which would never come. “He had me just can help without me giving them money for sex with him. Now, when I remember him, I realize that he is a sick man.”

Or the organization of its work should resume in Haiti, within a month or two to decide.

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