Number two Unicef resigns after accusation inappropriate behaviour

Brit Justin Forsyth, the number two of the UN children’s fund, Unicef, has on Thursday resigned. He is accused of inappropriate behaviour towards women, but mentions that is not the reason of his resignation.

At the time of the assumed facts, the Brit for the ngo Save the Children. He was accused of sending inappropriate messages and comments about what his young female staff wore, how they looked like and what he does for them felt. They had to reply, else he left them on the mat crying”.

However, that is not the reason why Forsyth now resign, ” he said in a statement on its website. The transgression of at the time, already was many years ago in an appropriate manner’. ‘I quit because of the risk that Unicef and Save the Children, the damage could add up. Two organisations of which I love. I can’t let that happen.’

In the meantime, Forsyth for two years deputy managing director of Unicef. Unicef director Henrietta Fore has the resignation is now accepted, he said in a Thursday notified the communiqué of the children’s fund in New York.

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