N-Korea will send a heavy delegation to Play

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SEOUL – North Korea will send a heavy delegation to the closing ceremony of the winter Olympics in the South Korean Pyeongchang. The delegation is led by a ^ – co-responsible is being held for the sinking in 2010 of a South Korean naval vessel, in which 46 sailors were killed.

Kim Yong Chol (middle)

It comes to Kim Yong-chol, now the second man in the communist party, in the north, today the boss is about things that the two koreas. He was in the past, the head of the military organisation, according to Seoul-the sinking of the ship Cheonan on her conscience.

The visit of the North Koreans coincides with that of Ivanka Trump, the daughter and the adviser of the Us president. Who leads the American delegation that the closure assist.

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