Michel Van den Brande for court

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Michel Van den Brande, the head of stellingbedrijf Kontrimo, if the sat night to go explain to the court in Gent. There is Michel, a new heavy punishment over the head and that the sentence wants to be the boss of Kontrimo try to limit. As to the facts. Michel Van den Brande was a while ago, flashed on the E40 in the area of Aalter. There drove the man to 144km per hour. That Michel is a heavy foot, that is no secret, and the judge asked also this time, text and explanation to Van den Brande. Who came himself to the court in Ghent and asked the judge for a mild sentence to speak. Van den Brande, on a yearly basis tens of thousands of kilometres with his car. As the boss of a stellingbedrijf he goes regularly on construction sites but there are also many meetings to contracts to discuss. Michel is going to be therefore happy along with the customer. But Michel lives in addition, in Blankenberge, and his company is in Temse located. Michel has his car, so needed and asked the judge for a mild punishment to impose in the hope that his driving licence be able to maintain. Unfortunately for Van den Brande is not the first time that he will be judged because of excessive speed. The court made Van den Brande noted that he had already two and one month driving ban. “How did you do that then?” asked the judge. Van den Brande use replication that he was a driving ban in the weekend and got it each time by taxi moved.

Or the judge on the question of Van den Brande will go is the question. Ruling on Thursday 8 march.

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