Meryl Streep, furious at Harvey Weinstein

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Meryl Streep has a hard out at Harvey Weinstein and his lawyers. The cases Hollywoodproducent and his legal team asked a court in New York to the indictments of six women to dismiss, because the allegations, according to them, false.

Meryl Streep and Harvey Weinstein

This underlined Weinstein by saying that ” Meryl Streep is always a great working relationship with him has had, as well as Jennifer Lawrence.’ This shot of the actress going down the wrong way.

“The attorneys of Harvey Weinstein misuse my words: that I was never sexually or physically attacked by him during our cooperation. However, this does not mean that he is other women, not for abuse. My statement is completely out of context and that cock I don’t. It’s just pathetic how he lives trying to save on my back. He will pay for his behavior,” said a furious Slash.

The Oscarwinnares claims to be nothing known of the misconduct of Weinstein.

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