Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence get off to Harvey Weinstein

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American actresses Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence get hard out to the former producer Harvey Weinstein after he called in his defence. That writes IndieWire.

The cases Hollywoodproducent and his legal team asked a court in New York to the indictments of six women to dismiss, because the allegations, according to them, false. This underlined Weinstein by saying that “Meryl Streep is always a great working relationship with him has had, as well as Jennifer Lawrence.” This shot with the actresses, however, going down the wrong way.

“That Weinsteins lawyers my statement to prove that he has other women not abused, is frankly pathetic,” said the Oscarwinnares. “Weinstein is responsible for the criminal wrongdoing that he from other women has committed. If there is any justice, he will be punished, regardless of how many good movies he with great people.”

Also, Lawrence is not mild for Weinstein: “He and his company continue doing what they have already done. They get things out of their context and twist them to their own advantage. That is typical for abusers, and needs to stop. For the sake of clarity: I’ve never been a victim of Weinstein, but support all women who are abuse had to undergo.”

At this moment there is a lawsuit against Weinstein and The Weinstein Company. Six women have him indicted because he has abused and his studio that wing. In their defense took Weinsteins lawyers, statements of, among others, Streep, Lawrence and Gwyneth Paltrow to prove that he is not troubled.

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