Laura Tesoro will get beat in Boxing Stars

8fe20178a1e7803b68e168294e0661eb - Laura Tesoro will get beat in Boxing Stars

Wednesday night was the first recordings for the Boxing Stars. Natalia took it up against Marie Verhulst, Faroek Ozgünes had a mind to life on Sieg De Doncker. Also Erik Goossens and Kamal Kharmach went to the duel in the boxing ring. And there was also the camp between Bieke Ilegems and Laura Tesoro and if a few blows to cash. Over the entire course and the outcome of the camps, we may nothing to lose but that seriously went, that now we can all confirm. We had no camp feel that the participants tried to keep their opponent to spare. Laura Tesoro with a bloody nose, who could have expected? The first episode of Boxing Stars will probably in the course of the month of march on tv.

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