Lap Matthijs van Nieuwkerk themselves in the foot?

3347d35d9f226e418881e01dc94b6e74 - Lap Matthijs van Nieuwkerk themselves in the foot?

Who throws the ball can expect. That has Matthijs van Nieuwkerk experienced after his attack last night, a friend of DWDD’, Dolf Jansen. The public seems to be the side to choose the comedian, who was invited to explain why he ambassadeursschap of Oxfam Novib continues to operate, despite the fact that the staff of the English branch in 2010 seksfeestjes held in the earthquake-stricken Haiti.

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, small photo: Dolf Jansen

Although the ’nice television’ led to a lot of people have no good word to say about the way in which Van Nieuwkerk, Oxfam ambassador and DUTCH colleague Jansen last night in The World Running Through the fire to the shins explained.

Many people blame the presenter that he is “full of the attack was looking for,” and Jones is no chance to his story. “You’re the presenter of De wereld Draait door, you invite a guest, and behave and then you rude”, it allows a twitterer to know. “You let the guest finish, wish by to your right and tap the guest on the fingers if he does not to crap from the audience wants to listen. Proud of yourself, Matthijs?”

Nevertheless, there is also support for the way in which the presenter decides to loved. So late author Joost Niemöller know: “Twitter is angry that Jones was attacked by Van Nieuwkerk. But there was him time and time again a legitimate question is asked: search out to the bottom of what’s wrong with Oxfam Novib. That he had at heart, and in place of teruggillen, as he always does.”

Shortly after the broadcast, wrote Jones on Twitter: “I will tomorrow quiet look back and read what is happening tonight happened, with me and The World Runs By. Thank you for all the support.” On his own website said the comedian have already been displeasure over the events in Haiti. “I have, like everyone who there today at responded, no idea what really happened, but what I read is disgusting and awful. […] Everything that the work of Oxfam and Oxfam Novib in disrepute and makes it harder, makes me sad and angry.”

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