Justin Bieber gets a sister

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The marriage of Jeremy Bieber (42) with his girlfriend Chelsey (30) will have a pink edge. The father of pop star Justin Bieber made via Instagram known that his new wife is pregnant with their first child. According to TMZ, the new Bieber-born a girl.

Justin Bieber

On the wedding picture that Jeremy earlier on social media placed, the babybuik of Chelsey good to see. The pink flowers in the ceremony would indicate that she is pregnant of a girl. Chelsey would be between 16 and 20 weeks pregnant. Jeremy has had from his previous two marriages, three children: Justin (23), Jazmyn (9) and Jaxon (8).

Earlier this week it was announced that Justin together with Selena Gomez to Jamaica had gone to his father again married. There, they spent a lot of time with Justins family, who are overjoyed that the singer back together with his childhood sweetheart.

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