Judge allows end to ‘bekersoap’ Roda JC

456c3cd8cc3c8b43b8f4156485b738c6 - Judge allows end to 'bekersoap' Roda JC

Roda JC may be the last eight minutes of the cup match against Willem II is not adultery. That has a court in Utrecht decided.

Roda JC players Ard of Energize (l) and Adil Auassar (r).

The Limburg club had a lawsuit filed, because a goal in the 81e minute undeserved, would have been rejected. Willem II won after penalty shoot-out and secured the semi-final against Feyenoord.

The much talked about hit of Roda JC was after the intervention of the videoscheidsrechter disapproved. The Limburg club got earlier already, in vain, to the KNVB, with the request that the final stage about to play. According to the football federation was the goal rightly disallowed, because Mikhail Rosheuvel hands would have made. Roda JC ruled that Willem II are still two of the times was in possession before the goal fell.

The court in Utrecht ruled that the decision of the arbitrator is binding, whether he was right or not. The judge asked the KNVB therefore in the right.


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