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Jo Frost makes documentary series about kindmoordenaars

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Jo Frost is known for her help in raising unruly children. Her latest show is a lot more extreme: the children in Killer Kids have murdered someone.

For the four-part documentary series delves Jo Frost in four crimecases of children who murder. With a variety of experts and family of the victims, she goes back to the fatal day of the murder: how could a child have been able to kill someone?

Children and murder

In the past Jo Frost are mainly occupied with screaming toddlers that the family dominate and not sleeping toddlers. However, there are, according to the former nanny has many similarities. “I work with human behavior, this is a different side of what I do.” She thought about the controversial theme of the show. “To discover what a child drives to kill, that is something I no longer let go. When we think of children and murder, that two simply not in the same picture.”


For the documentary series looking Frost the families of the victims, which, according to the British opvoedexpert it was difficult to do. “As a man with a big heart, it was incredibly hard with the families to talk about the tragic loss they have suffered.” The losses are always consequences for their lives. “But I wanted the questions that the viewer would want to know; how their life was after the person lost whom they loved, who the child was that their loved one had been murdered, and how it could ever happen.”

James Fairweather

Many of the cases in Killer Kids were just a few years ago. So put James Fairweather in 2014 on his fifteenth a 33-year-old man with 102 knife wounds death. The stories are therefore very emotionally charged. “I am honored that I got the chance to work with the families to talk, and they have questions.” With the help of professional criminologisten, neurologists, people working in the law and journalists who, at the time, the stories among, Frost looking for the whole story behind the murders.

‘Born evil’

The purpose of the stories generated much reaction to in England. “The discussion is already years underway. Can children bad to be born? Is it nurture or nature which these children do what they do?” Also Frost itself hit after the recording of alarm and called on parents to seek help when their child is suffering from woedeproblemen, so as to avoid worse.


Killer Kids is, according to the British opvoedexpert so moving, because we have this behaviour can not imagine of children. “Of adults, we expect that they know better, but if we see children, we set them us playing in the sandbox. We only think of beautiful things, the innocent, the purity around children. And then we see children killings… and it is not within.” The documentary series is intended to make people think about these stories, to understand how the mind of a child murderer in each other, and understand to the debate.

Nanny on tour

With these shocking stories, dares, Jo Frost is on a much darker field of television programs, but that means, according to her, not that all of its programs with a crime-edge. She is still working as well known nanny, and travels around the world to families to help. “I get the opportunity to all to explore different topics and programs, I am glad that I have that opportunity.” Frost may not reveal what is on the program, but assures us that there must be other shows will come.

Killer Kids

Jo Frost: Killer Kids is on Friday, 23 February, 21:30, broadcast on RTL 5 and is currently fully to be seen in Videoland.

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