Jennifer Lawrence insulted to fuss about dress

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Jennifer Lawrence on social media strongly bitten after controversy had arisen over a “naked” dress that she was wearing during a fotomomentje with the cast of Red Sparrow. Her male colleagues were all warmly wrapped up against the cold and she wore a high slit dress. People felt that the epitome of sexism and inequality in the entertainment industry.

“Wow. I don’t even know where I should start,” writes Jennifer in a fiery argument. “This is not only ridiculous, but I’m really extremely offended. That dress by Versace, was stunning, you really think I’m going to cover with a jacket and a scarf? I am but five minutes outside. I would even in the snow have been. I love fashion, and this was my own choice.”

Jennifer calls it exaggerated that people have a point to make about something small like this. “It’s just a silly distraction from real problems. Once normal people. Everything I wear, I choose myself. And if I am cold, then that is my choice!”

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