Jane Seymour (67) poses for Playboy

e200484e8ba835dd10c24ed08c755000 - Jane Seymour (67) poses for Playboy

The legendary actress is not nude in the magazine.

That age is just a number, let Jane Seymour see with shoot for Playboy at the age of 67. The actress shared a photo on Instagram, in which she writes: “I am so glad that I finally with you can share! I am recently at my home photographed and interviewed for Playboy.”

Jane says ‘better than ever in her own skin to sit on her 67th’. Also, they say, is very open about her career and family in the interview. “I feel far sexier than when I was younger. Then I thought ‘oh jeez, I need to be sexy, but how do I do that?’ It is enormously liberating to me to now to live this way. I’m really comfortable in my skin.”

Seymour is not nude in the photos.

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