Jackass star Bam margera’s denies drunken driving

bf73aef9a91add0ac2a3e110c5a0cb20 - Jackass star Bam margera's denies drunken driving

Bam margera’s was the beginning of January the police stopped and arrested for driving under the influence and driving with a high permillage of alcohol in his blood. The Jackass star says to the two offences, not guilty. This is reported by his lawyer in the court, in which margera’s was not present.

After the arrest came margera’s out on bail free; there was, of which 13,000 euros paid for him to go home.

Then checked he was in a rehab clinic, to use his alcohol addiction to address. Since then nothing more of him heard, and speaks his lawyer for him.

As margera’s through the court, however, found guilty of both offences, he may in the worst case, six months jail and a fine of 800 euros to pay.

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