Iran sticks to nuclear agreements

163648f7956caa7ed5a5d7641a98b94d - Iran sticks to nuclear agreements

VIENNA – Iran has set regarding its nuclear activities are held at the main limits for 2015 have been imposed in an agreement with the major powers. This is evident from a quarterly of the International atomic energy agency (IAEA), Reuters news agency Thursday has seen.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has allowed stocks of low-enriched uranium and heavy water are not exceeded. In addition, uranium is not enriched than 3.67 percent purity, the agreed border. The deal, which the lifting of the sanctions against Tehran that meant, was so designed that Iran, as the intention was there, roughly a year would need to make an atom bomb instead of a few months.

The Us president, Donald Trump had serious criticism and wants that the errors in the agreement are restored. He has the European allies and the Congress called for help.

In the IAEA report stated that Iran, in a letter has said that “a decision has been taken nuclear reactors to build for scheepsaandrijving in the future.” The Vienna-based atoomwaakhond of the UN, Iran has asked for “further explanation and additional information” about the design. Tehran has not yet responded.

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