’Human rights in EU under pressure”

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AMSTERDAM – Amnesty International in strong criticism in several EU member states. ,,In countries like Poland and Hungary is the rule of law continue to erode. But also in France and the Netherlands are human rights no longer always be taken for granted”, reports the human rights organization Thursday with the publication of the Yearbook 2017-2018.

The organization focuses its sights on the government of Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán. That would be the work of ngos such as Amnesty with new legislation,as good as impossible”. ,,So, there is a bill that requires organizations to disclose if they help in what the regime ‘illegal migration’. In fact, it goes to asylum seekers and refugees”, says Amnesty. ,,Organisations can get huge fines if they would advocate for them.”

Poland will get also severe criticism. The nationalist government in Warsaw is for some time in the clinch with the European Commission and Amnesty warns that the authorities have their grip on justice to consolidate. Also non-governmental organisations and the media are under pressure.

“Hold states to human rights obligations’

Amnesty points to the forced removal or the degradation of hundreds of journalists at public broadcasters in Poland. Director Eduard Nazarski of the Dutch branch of Amnesty calls on the European Commission to member states in their booklet to go outside to comply with their human rights obligations. ,,Only in this way can the EU itself internationally credible commitment to the human rights.’

The organization gives not only Middle-European countries, a tap on the fingers. The netherlands gets criticism because of the return of asylum seekers to Afghanistan, in spite of the bad security situation in that country. The human rights organisation will also be against the Law on the intelligence and security services, where the Dutch, in march in an advisory referendum about allowed to speak.

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